在一个新城市找个地方住可能会让人望而生畏, 而且伦敦的租房选择并不总是有竞争力. 幸运的是,我们的招生团队随时准备 帮助 有任何疑问. 与此同时, 发现更多的信息,让你开始, 下面, with our guide on suitable accommodation options that are reasonably priced 和 all within a 30-minute commuting distance of the LFA building.

我们经常建议你在学生宿舍订一个房间, 或者类似的地方, 在bwin娱乐的前4-6周. This means you can rest assured that you have a safe place to stay whilst you settle into your course 和 your new city. 第一个月之后, you may have made friends on your course who you would like to live with for the remainder of the year. 在这一点上,你可能要考虑私人租赁. 最终, the way in which you approach facilitating your accommodation needs to be personal to you 和 your individual situation, 你选择的住房路线没有对错之分.

bwin体育苹果下载iOS is based in Fulham, Southwest London, Engl和. 的 best way to find accommodation local to the school is to input our postcode, 送回1 qr,进入你访问的任何房屋网站的搜索栏.

如果你正在努力寻找合适的住宿在富勒姆, you can search for surrounding areas that are within a short commuting distance of the school. 的se include Hammersmith; Chelsea; 伯爵法庭; Parson’s Green; Putney; Battersea; 和 Wimbledon.

离LFA最近的地铁站是富勒姆百老汇, 哪一站在伦敦地铁的区域线上. 我们距离West Bromption车站也有10分钟步行路程, 哪个是伦敦地上交通网的一部分. 一旦你找到一个合适的地方, 看看你的LFA之旅, 使用谷歌地图, Citymapper或Moovit, 检查出行的便利性.

看看下面我们的建议吧. Please note the details for the accommodation sites listed 下面 may change without prior notice. We recommend that you contact individual sites for further clarification.


学生住宿 网页列出了个人和现成的房间, 在一系列的住宿地点, 步行即可到达富勒姆的LFA场地.


距离酒店只有10分钟的车程, 或者10分钟一个周期, 远离富勒姆的LFA大楼, Chelsea Lightfoot House offers studio rooms with private bathrooms 和 kitchens, 还有双人间和带浴室的房间. 坐落在充满活力的切尔西地区, 你将有一系列的景点在你的家门口, 方便前往首都的中心. 我们建议您查看 We Are Homes For Students网站(切尔西·莱特富特大厅) 查询更多可用房间和收费信息.


电话:0207 823 3600


Address: 切尔西·莱特富特大厅, Manresa Road, London, SW3 6LR


David Game学院

David Game offers self-catering 学生住宿 in West Kensington, 伯爵法庭, 牧羊人的布什, 南肯辛顿, 和富勒姆百老汇. 我们建议您查看 David Game学院 Student 住宿 Guide for further information on each residence as well as fees.


电话:+44 (0)20 7221 6665


地址:David Game House, 31 jewish Street, London, EC3N 2ET



Situated just a 25-minute walk 远离富勒姆的LFA大楼, 富勒姆宫工作室 is a newly furnished 学生住宿 site nestled on Fulham Palace Road. Choose from a range of self-contained 和 fully furnished studio rooms. All rooms at 富勒姆宫工作室 accommodation are well furnished 和 offer comfortable living in the heart of the bustling city.

我们建议您查看 富勒姆宫工作室网站 查询更多可用房间和收费信息.


电话:03333 446 799


Address: 富勒姆宫工作室, 168-188 Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 9PA



哈默史密斯是个现代人, large-scale 学生住宿 site located only a 20-minute bus journey, 或者一个15分钟的周期, 远离富勒姆的LFA大楼. 距离哈默史密斯地铁站仅2分钟步行路程, 步行10分钟即可到达泰晤士河, 它的工作室是独立生活方式的理想选择, 配有床, 研究区域, 淋浴房, 还有你自己的厨房.

我们建议您参观 iQ学生住宿网站(哈默史密斯) 了解更多可用房间和收费信息.


电话:020 8912 5020





Located in a quiet 和 exclusive residential part of Kensington, 在荷兰公园和肯辛顿花园附近, 李教堂离LFA很近. 李修道院住宿价格包括早餐和晚餐. If you apply during term time, you will receive a reduced rate. 我们建议您查看 利艾比居民手册 for further information on accommodation options 和 fees, or visit the 伦敦李修道院网站.


电话:+44 (0)20 73737242


地址:57/67 Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London, W8 6JJ



位于伦敦西部的中心, 新东方大厦步行20分钟就到了, 或者一个6分钟的周期, 远离富勒姆的LFA大楼. 的 nearest tube station is just a 1-minute walk away from the residence, making it easy to travel to London’s top attractions 和 filming locations! Hyde Park 和 the River Thames are also just a stone’s throw away from this accommodation site. 我们建议您查看 Fresh Student Living website (新东方大厦) 查询更多可用房间和收费信息.


电话:0203 978 7882


地址:新东方大厦, Imperial Road, London, SW6 2EP


一旦你找到了你的部落, 你可能想要开始找到舒适, affordable 和 local accommodation to set up home with your new filmmaking friends. Alternatively, perhaps you’re open to meeting new people external to LFA students. 的re are several ways you can fulfil either option based on short-term 和 long-term lets. If you are a first-time renter, please refer to our top tips further down the page.


For short-term lets, with low-level commitment, 多余的房间 is undoubtedly your best option. 如果你在空余房间找到房间, you will be sharing with other renters who you may not have met before. 多余的房间 is great for finding rooms at short notice, 和 within a very reasonable price range.

我们建议您查看 多余的房间 website to begin your search or, for easier usability, download the mobile app. 如果你愿意和学生住在一起, 而不是工作的专业人士, 你可以过滤你的搜索上的专用 学生住宿 网站部分.


If you’re ready to commit to a longer-term contract with a group of friends, then there are several student private renting sites you can browse, 包括 RightMove, ZooplaOn的Market. 马什和帕森斯 also have a dedicated service for relocating international students to their first home in London.


  • We recommend always viewing the property before signing a contract or sending over any money. 如果不可能参加现场观看, ask the current residents or letting agents to give you a virtual tour of the property.
  • 多问问题, to make sure that there are no hidden costs or unwanted surprises with your new accommodation. 看看 这篇文章,了解在观赏住宿时应提出的问题.
  • 在可能的情况下, always make sure an official contract is drawn up before you move into your accommodation. This ensures that your rights as a renter or lodger are protected. Make sure you read the contract carefully before signing 和 ask a friend or family member to read it, 征求第二意见.
  • 如果你是私人租房, 公用事业帐单(电费)是不可能的, 互联网, 水, 气体等.)将包括在你的月租金内. Don’t forget to research the average cost of utility bills in your new chosen area, 提前为这些额外的费用做预算.
  • 从私人房东那里租房时, 或者通过房地产中介, it’s a good idea to look up the reviews for your accommodation provider online. You can usually find these by googling the name of your letting agent or l和lord 和 包括 the word ‘review’ in your search.

如果你想要更深入的建议, 下面 is a list of articles which offer top quality tips on the financial, 学生租房的法律和个人方面.


如果你想找室友的话, 你可以在下面的论坛上浏览和发帖, which are designed to match you with fellow student house-hunters in London.